FUREX as Easy As 1,2,3

STEP 3 Promotes maximum release of tangled and collected hair.

For best results, always use all three of the FurEx system products.

FurEx Close Finishing Spray Step 3 is a mildly acidic, leave-in conditioning formula that will further seal the hair cuticle and promote maximum release of tangled and collected hair within the coat.

This unique product also contains a long-lasting deodorising agent. Adjust the amount of spray applied to different areas of the coat as needed.

Our unique FurEx system has been scientifically designed to work together to greatly reduce the time and effort of removing collected undercoats.

For best results, always use all three of the FurEx system products.


  • Straight into the bath
  • No Pre-brushing
  • Kinder and Easier on both groomer and pet
  • All the grooming is done in the bath
  • No major clean up
  • Saves grooming time
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Safe to use on cats


  • All double coats
  • Short and long coats
  • Heavy coats
  • Any dog breed that drops hair
  • Cats
  • Ideal for Labradors, Pugs, German Shepherds, Samoyeds, Border Collies


  • For best results, always use all three of the FurEx system products
  • It is important to follow the Instructions
  • Ready to use formula
  • Shake Bottle


Step 3 Close Finishing Spray

  • Do NOT dilute


  1. After shampooing & conditioning with FurEx Steps 1 and 2
  2. Towel dry well or blow off excess water with force dryer
  3. Spray damp coat thoroughly with Step 3 Close Spray lifting coat up from roots and spray well under neath to ensure the entire coat is covered
  4. A light but thorough coverage is required
  5. Use a high velocity forced air dryer to gently blow out the loosened coat
  6. Spray more product if necessary, on more difficult areas
  7. Dry coat thoroughly
  8. Run brush and comb to remove any remaining loose hair


  • Best results are achieved by being systematic and thoroughly drying each area before moving to the next
  • Dry front to back, top to bottom
  • The greatest hair release will occur as the coat in any given area is thoroughly dry
  • Close Spray will work as it dries
  • To encourage the release of the coat, gently wave the nozzle of your dryer from side to side from roots to ends


  • Always read and follow the instructions carefully, including any warnings for use
  • It is important to avoid contact with the eyes
  • If a dog is squinting or rubbing at eyes, flush gently with tepid water for 5 minutes
  • Always use diluted product within 24-48 hours


  • We recommend when you open a product for the first time that you write the opening date on the bottle
  • Opened products must be used within the opening time suggested on individual bottle label
  • Keep lids on products when not in use and use the product within the recommended time
  • Avoid storing your products in the direct sunlight or near sources of heat and choose dry, cool storage areas where possible
  • Regularly wash and sterilize all applicators and dilution bottles thoroughly
  • Allow applicators to dry thoroughly before use


Brand ProGroom
Shipping Weight 2.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.160m
Shipping Height 0.240m
Shipping Length 0.080m
Shipping Cubic 0.003072000m3

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